For hundreds of years, Spain’s flavours have developed through a combination of cultural influences, creating the rich variety and complexity of Spanish cooking today.

With many traditional and regional dishes standing the test of time, it’s the emotions associated with them, their roots and the memories they evoke, that make them so special. When you dine with us, you’ll savour dishes that have not only been inspired by generations of our family, but created with a modern twist of today.


Our traditional and modern fusion doesn’t start and end with our food. We’ve been careful to maintain the historic charm of our 18th century restaurant whilst undergoing an exciting refurbishment. When you visit us, you’ll witness a unique combination of exposed ancient wood and brickwork, with a new, modern, glass extension for a more contemporary dining experience.
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There’s wine, and then there’s Spanish wine. Known as “one of the most exciting countries in the world” to the true wine connoisseur. With the wide variety of climates that Spain experiences in each region where vines are grown, and the unique techniques used for maturation, it creates special flavours and aromas that are unlike any other.


Immerse yourself in Spanish culture and give in to the temptation of traditional Tapas. It’s the relaxed, fun way to experience a combination of flavours and get a true taste of Spain. When we serve it with our Spanish wine, sherry or beer, you’ll be letting the good times flow as you share it with family and friends.
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Staying true to his roots, our Head Chef Javier’s philosophy sees a true respect for ingredients at the heart of an excellent kitchen. We never compromise on this and consider the finest of details to bring you Spanish food for the most discerning of pallets.
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Our black Iberian pig is exclusively fed on acorns, producing a unique fat with health properties in line with olive oil. The cut of our signature dish has a triangular, feather shape. In fact, it’s where the name Pluma originates meaning ‘feather’ in Spanish.
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Only the best will do and our aromatic olive oil reflects Spain’s love and passion for making this liquid so golden. And with it’s sweet and fruity tones, it’s flavour will be certain to surprise your pallet.
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Azafrán (saffron).

It’s known as “Oro rojo Manchego” – Manchego red gold. We use the best quality saffron, cultivated in Castilla – La Mancha, to bring superior colour and added flavour to many of our dishes.
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We serve food with a conscience and are big believers in giving back, and doing good where we can. It’s why we work closely with local suppliers who have the same ethical values as us, reduce our impact on the environment through the choices we make, and support local charities through our fundraising. We truly value our place in the world and our community, and say thank you every day.
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